Artchik has been investing her time and energy into the creative process for many decades. She has participated in many juried events and won several awards... all while raising several children, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and various other critters.

She endeavors to create not only for her own self-expressive benefit, but for the uplifting effect her patrons feel upon receiving a work steeped in originality, craftswomanship, and pride in execution. Artchik pours her passion for the amazing wonder that is our shared existance into works that she hopes will inspire peace, compassion, and acceptance.

Art through time always reflects the zeitgeist of our shared presence... of our now. I wish to leave good thoughts, wise words, beautiful art, and be proud of who i am.
I do custom orders and commissions... to find out more (or just to say hello), please send me an email at, visit me on Facebook